Our Innovative "Containerized Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant"

General Description

Containerized waste water treatment plants are standard containers that have unit operation, unit process and support components installed inside. It is an innovative and effective method for treat the wastewater which can be moved from one location to another and is particularly useful for temporary camps and construction sites.

A packaged containerized wastewater treatment plant incorporates primary treatment, biological treatment, settling, sludge treatment, and advance treatment into a single container, depending on the capacity or quality targets. Can be expanded by combining several containers when a large capacity or a certain quality of effluent is required.


  • Construction sites
  • Mobile worker camps
  • Temporary industrial sites
  • Temporary treatments while municipal plants are being upgraded
  • Municipal waste water treatment (permanent and temporary)
  • Refugee camps
  • Offshore facilities

Various system configurations are possible, we can help you to develop as your needs. Single containerized systems for smaller applications and modular containerized waste water treatment plants comprising multiple containers based on capacity or effluent target. Though systems are available in standard models, we tailor solutions according to clients’ specifications. We also provide all support component, including automatization and monitoring system that can make your treatment plant more advance.


Capacity 50-65 m³/hari (can be customized as needed)
Operational Automatic and Semi automatic
Mobility Yes
Efficiency 85-95% for BOD, COD, TSS, and NH3
Additional Feature Options – Remote Control
– Continuous and Realtime Water Quality Sensor
– Early Warning System

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