Operation of Environmental Monitoring Services

We offer a broad range of services to support your continuous environmental monitoring system and its components: sensors, online platform and network connectivity devices. Along with system deployment services and training that provides your staff with an in-depth understanding of the system, this integrated services ensure your monitoring system is efficient, effective, and meets the most stringent compliance requirements. Please see this link to know more detail on partnership model on Environmental Monitoring.

Maintenance Service Contracts

Maintenance Services is designed to ensure that your Environmental Monitoring system is always operating well in terms of performance and regulation compatibility. It comprises a modular set of services that help ensure your operations comply with the latest Indonesian regulations and provides prioritized support services.

Some of the services are:

  1. Calibration  Services. Regular calibration of all measurement instruments is essential to ensure the best accuracy. We make sure in our comprehensive calibration service that your instrument meets its original specifications. All our calibrations include: functional testing, traceable calibration, calibration certificate and service report, and calibration due date update
  2. Repair Services. Sensor/instrument adjustment and replacement of spare parts as needed
  3. Modernization Services. Ensure your systems continue to meet the latest technical standards regarding the government standard with a professional modernization package from GES.

Our service offering for integrated environmental monitoring systems

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