Water and Wastewater System Integrator

GES has developed and promoted system ineration in water and wastewater treatment plants of industries. Our professional services include project installation and management, system process design and engineering, automated data compilation and reporting, and maintenance service.

GES offer a wide range of product and system solutions for water and wastewater treatment, including control system installation, procurement, early warning system, safety shutdown systems, process scheduling and tracking, sequential control and many other applications.

GES provides:

  • Solutions that provide complete integrated and automated systems from injection or dosage control of chemical, pump and mixer control.
  • Systems (from design to implementation) that monitor and control all unit process, unit operation and support components, such as pumps, aerators, clarifiers, tank levels, filters, chemical preparation and injection systems, dewatering systems, and other unit and/or component through a network of PLCs/Remote Controller/Data Logging and operator terminals.
  • Integrated data collection and analysis that aids long-term maintenance and simulation testing to assure system performance

System Integration for Integrated Environmental Monitoring

KLHK has obligated various company to implementing online monitoring systems for wastewater quality and air quality. Air Quality divided into two, which are ambient and emission. The legal basis of these policies are PermenLHK No. 93 Tahun 2018 about Wastewater Quality Online Monitoring System and PERMEN KLHK no. 13 tahun 2021 about Industry Emission Online Continuous Monitoring System.

Therefore, GES has provided an integrated online monitoring system, where in one system include four monitoring sub-systems which are:

  • Wastewater Quality Online Monitoring Systems
  • Air Quality Online Monitoring Systems
  • Weather Station
  • Vibration Online Monitoring Systems

Although the government hasn’t obliged weather station and Vibration Monitoring, these systems are important to ensure the continuity of operation and maintenance in environmental monitoring in field. Of course, the user could customize the system and choose the sub-system suited by their own necessity. The benefit that user can get:

  • Quickly and Easy Operation and Maintenance
    Integrated System help operator on monitoring the parameter in the site. Also, when problems occur, it would be easier on maintenance. The problem is easier detected and handled in one system, rather than in various system.
  • Reduce Operational Cost
    With integrated system, user doesn’t need a new system, but only need to upgrade an existing system. Certainly, that the cost for a whole new system is more expensive than upgrading an existing one.
  • Efficiency
    The implementation of integration system will make everything more efficient.

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