Eureka’s modern Manta water quality sondes have been successfully deployed in every application imaginable, in all 50 states (US) and dozens of countries. Eureka offers the latest technology for more than 18 different water quality sensor. Ganeca Environmental Services, as authorized partner of Eureka Water Probes, will help you decide which sensor are best suited to your application.

Multiprobes Built for the Field Technician

Manta Series Water Probes

Reliable data is Eureka’s Top Priority. We start with the best sensors on the market and finish with our famously simple user-interface. Using the Manta is really, really easy. Plug the Manta into a USB port and see live water quality data a few seconds later. Most users teach themselves the Manta operating software in about 15 minutes.  Why pay more to maintain your water quality monitoring equipment? The Manta’s hardware design saves in ongoing maintenance costs. Its optical DO replacement cap has a 3 year life, and its rebuildable (refillable) pH reference electrode eliminates the need to replace the pH sensor every 6 months to a year.  The Manta’s LED diagnostic tool tells you when the sonde is set to log, if the Manta is getting ample voltage from line power, battery voltage remaining for models equipped with battery packs, communicating RS-232, and more!

The Manta is the only multiprobe in the industry that can support and record simultaneously, the values from up to 12 sensors. The Manta gives the end user flexibility in configuring a multiprobe for specific applications.

Your Handheld Computer

Amphibian2 Field Display

Amphibian 2 is the ultimate compact rugged handheld for water quality monitoring. This is a handheld computer which provides an effective solution to field monitoring needs. It has a waterproof, chrushproof case which meets military standards and has a built in rechargeable battery pack. It is suitable for use with the Eureka Multiprobe. The Eureka software provides everything you need for use in the field and allows you to quickly view and graph your data. The easy to use Pocket PC allows the user to set up rolling displays of data, capture a data frame, start a timed log, and average the data readings. It comes with Pocket Word and Excel.

Access the data anywhere

The Eagle Eye Telemetry

The Eagle Eye telemetry system provides a turn-key, web-based monitoring solution and service that can be up in running within minutes – regardless of the application, allowing real-time access to data anytime anywhere. The Eagle Eye uses GSM/GPRS/EDGE celluar based technology that works anywhere on the globe.

Support your needs in the field

Accessories and Calibration Solution

Eureka has a variety of support accessories to address challenges in environmental monitoring. Some of these accessories are Bluetooth Battery, Module, Soft Back Pack, Hard Shell Carrying Cases, Anti-Fouling Sysytem, Pipe Kit, SDI-12 Convertor, Cable Reels and a full line of calibration standards including secondary calibration standards for fluorometers. Click below to know more detail.

Underwater Cables

We provide cables with a maximum length of 200 meters. Please, find details of the cable specifications that we provide by clicking the button below.