• Real-Time Data. For your choice of parameters
  • Measure Bacteria/Coliforms. Proteus is the first instrument to measure bacteria/coliforms in drinking water in real-time
  • Self Cleaning. Built in wiper which cleans sensors before every cycle
  • Easy Integration. Easily integrated with telemetry/SCADA systems and other datalogging devices

An award-winning multi-parameter, real-time sensor platform (portable or permanent) that accurately and reliably measures BOD, COD and faecal coliforms for permanent and temporary applications.

The Proteus is the world’s first scientifically proven real-time sensor for measuring BOD that can measure a wide range of applications. A multiprobe that measures your choice of parameter, all in one package, that can deliver data in the toughest field conditions. The Proteus has been designed for its ease of use, reliable data and economical operation.

The Proteus is a brand new multi parameter sensor platform for real-time measurement of BOD, COD, TOC and Coliforms (total, e.coli or faecal) that compensates for temperature and turbidity. The Proteus can be easily integrated with any telemetry / SCADA system and can also be used with existing logging devices with external RS232/Modbus/SDI 12. Its integrated datalogger can store 1,000,000 readings which can be viewed on mobile phone / tablet.

The Proteus multi-probe can be configured to the users choice of parameters and offers a unique platform to add additional sensors such as pH, REDOX, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen and many others.

Parameters include:

BOD/COD/TOC/DOC Temperature Refined Oils
Coliforms (total, e.coli or faecal) Dissolved Oxygen Optical Brighteners
Pressure Nitrate EC/SALINITY/TDS
Chloride ORP/REDOX Turbidity
pH Tryptophan Crude Oils

A range of power options are available including internal lithium battery packs, ideal for unattended logging, or multiple external power options of battery, mains or solar panel.

Manufactured by: Proteus Instruments
Model: Proteus Multi-parameter Water Quality Sensor

General Specifications – Proteus 30
Diameter 75 mm (2.95″)
Length – w/o Battery Pack 483 mm (19″)
Weight – with IBP 2.3 kg (5.0 lbs)
Number of Sensors Up to 7
Optional Battery Pack 8 “C” cells


General Specifications – Proteus 35
Diameter 89 mm (3.5″)
Length – w/o Battery Pack 483 mm (19″)
Weight – with IBP 4.1 kg (9.0 lbs)
Number of Sensors Up to 11
Optional Battery Pack 8 “C” cells


General Specifications – Proteus 40
Diameter 102 mm (4.00”)
Length – w/o Battery Pack 483 mm (19″)
Weight – with IBP 4.5 kg (10.0 lbs)
Number of Sensors Up to 13
Optional Battery Pack 8 “C” cells


General Specifications – All Versions
Internal Power Battery Life 1 to 24 month depending on sensors / logging rates
External Power 5-15 vdc
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C non-freezing
Depth Rating 200 m
Communications RS-232, SDI-12, USB or Bluetooth
Sample Rate 1 Hz
Data Memory >1,000,000 logged readings
Logging Rates 1 second to 1 day
Warranty 2 years*
* All sensors included except ISE’s (Ammonia/nitrate/chloride)

The Proteus range of multiparameter sensors represents a step change in real-time monitoring of dissolved organic matter. The state of the art monitoring platform incorporates the latest technology to provide accurate, reliable and minimal maintenance monitoring of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC).