Weather Monitoring Package


  1. Easy installation and low maintenance
  2. High quality data and availability
  3. Easy upgrade of the network with new stations and sensors
  4. Integration of existing network
  5. Ultra low power consumption
  6. Low power consumption
  7. Data transmission
  8. Low cost maintenance
  9. SMS/Email Alert

Meteorological Station WMO

  1. Ultrasonic Anemometer (WMO Compliant)
  2. Rain Gauge (WMO Compliant)
  3. Multiple Communication Systems
  4. Evapotranspiration Pan
  5. Air Temperature
  6. Air Humidity
  7. Presure
  8. Global Solar Radiation

Hydrology Monitoring Package

Hydrological Station

  1. Radar Water Level Sensor
  2. Rain Gauge
  3. Fast to Install
  4. Professional and Economic
  5. Easy to maintenance

This system can be integrated with water quality monitoring (Please see here).

Grounwater Station

  1. Piezometric Sensor
  2. Or Shaft Encoder Sensor
  3. Really Low Power Consumption
  4. High Performance
  5. Long Life time of the system
  6. Really Low Maintenance cost
  7. Protection from Vandalism

Tidal Monitoring System

  1. Radar Water Level Sensor
  2. Shaft Encoder Water Level Sensor
  3. Staff Gauges
  4. Protection from Boat
  5. Multiple Communication Systems

This system can be integrated with water quality monitoring (Please see here)

Sensor Spesification

Rain Gauge

Temp & Humidity


Solar Radiation


Digital Barometer

Rain Presence Transducer

Hydrology Water Level