Digital Barometer

TBAR-IVS is a sensor for the measurement of atmospheric pressure which can be used for the most common meteorological applications, thanks to its good perfomance in terms of accuracy and sensitivity. TBAR-IVS is equipped with a piezoresistive electronic transducer with linear output. An internal electronic system compensates automatically the variation in temperature, ensuring a high precision over the whole measurement range. The transducer is based on a micro-processor chip that executes many functions. Mainly it performs assuring for instance the correct control functioning, or data pre-processing and electrical signal A/D conversion. TBAR-IVS is housed into an IP-65 box that guarantees a proper functioning of the sensor in outdoor installations, even in harsh environmental conditions. The sensor is supplied with power and signal cable (4m).
Range 700 ÷ 1100 hPa
other range on request
Accuracy TBAR-I/V : ± 0,9 hPa
TBAR-S : ± 0,4 hPa
Resolution 0,1 hPa
Transducer Semiconductor
Working Temperature -30 ÷ +60 °C

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