Rain Presence Transducer

TPP is an excellent easy-to-use device, which allows to detect rainfall, establishing the start and end of the precipitation in a very precise way, not being activated by dew or water condensation. The sensor indeed has been thoroughly designed in order to manufacture a very accurate device, capable of measuring also very short and small precipitation.  TPP sensing element is composed of two rolled electrodes, one of whose is pierced and slightly sloped, and they are placed at short distance one from the other. In presence of water the system bursts in electrical conductivity, and a heater located behind the lower rolled surface provides evaporation of the rain residual, dew or ice. The sensor can detect not only the presence of rain, but even the presence of snow if properly configured (upon specific request). TPP is supplied with power and signal cable (4 m).
Range ON/OFF
Sensitivity 1 s
Transducer ON/OFF contact
Working temperature -10 ÷ +70 °C

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