“Melalui EMEP GES, Pemantauan Sparing (Real Time dan Online) GES mengintegrasikan Teknologi yang handal dan tepat, Inovasi, dan Professional Excellence

GES-Online and Real Time Monitoring System (Pemantauan Sparing) is a service provide by GES to monitor all your environmental data in advance to help partners to simplified their jobs.

Environmental monitoring has a strategic role in the evaluation of the performance of the existing environmental management system. Environmental monitoring also helps to ensure that the projects being implemented abide by policies and practices to decrease their potential impact on the environment.

Monitor the environment can be challenging, yet takes much time.  In this internet era, there shouldn’t be no more problems.  Online monitoring can simplify us in collecting data.  No need to travel a hundred kilometers and take hundreds of hours more just to collecting the environmental data.  Now you can always access your data anywhere at any time.  It just right in your thumbs or simply in your web browser with ganecalink.id

GES proudly honored to be your companion for Online Monitoring.  We will provide you with the best equipment and simple user interface.  We also have the best platform (ganecalink.id) that will acquire data perfectly from any data logger automatically and even have an automate notification so you can fully aware of your environmental data with no worries. 

All of your environmental sensor data in one place

No software to install – Say goodbye to slow, clunky and unreliable manufacturer software. Ganecalink.id runs from any web browser, making it faster, more secure and painless to use.

No licenses to manage – Never forget another license key again! Ganecalink.id’s Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud infrastructure means that you won’t have to worry about software license keys.

Any device, any time – Being in the cloud, you’ll always have access to your environmental sensor data. As long as you have access to an internet enabled device with a web browser, Ganecalink.id will always be by your side.