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Environmental Services for Mining

Environmental management in mining sector needs to be integrated from exploration phase until post mine closure phase. GES provides innovative and professional services based on applied research. These services are integrated from each phase in order to help mining companies sustaining their environmental management, implementation and monitoring. Our team have extensive experience in conducting mine environmental assessments especially acid mine drainage or acid rock drainage for mining company in Indonesia. There is no single solution for mining waters. We will study your problem and present you with options. Contact us. Challenge us!.

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AMD / ARD Risk Evaluation and Modelling

Acid Mine Drainage and heavy metal contaminant become the main problem in managing the mining environment. GES offers its expertise in developing an integrated mine waste management.

  • Rock Sampling : Representative rocks sampling plan and preparation depending on geological condition (stratigraphy and lithology) and mining plan.
  • Material Classification : Acid Mine Drainage and heavy metal leaching forming process prediction through mineralogy test, static (acid-base accounting) and kinetic/leaching tests.
  • Formation of geochemical rock distribution model as a mining plan baseline and waste rock pile design.
  • Cover system design and perfor-mance monitoring in waste rock pile.

Mine Water Management

GES promotes sustainable mine water management in hand with its hydro-geological, mine planning, water utilization, and water quality conservation aspects.

  • Watersheds hydrology and water balance modeling.
  • Surface water and ground water runoff quality modeling.
  • Water supply and mine dewa-tering system plan.
  • Mine water treatment.
  • Monitoring, data management and performance reporting in water management.

Mine Pit Lake (Danau Bekas Tambang)
  • Water balance modeling in pit lake.
  • Hydro-chemical water quality modeling in pit lake.
  • Pit lake managemen.
  • Management possibility improvement on post-mining pit lake.

Fate, Distribution and Pollutant Transport Modelling

A thorough understanding on the pollutant characteristic (organic and inorganic) and its transformation process in the environment are the most essential part in mitigation design, monitoring plan and environmental remediation. GES has a specialization in pollutant dynamic investigation of aquatic environment and terrestrial system as well as strategy framing of the environmental management.

Mine Closure and Reclamation

Mine closure planning is a complex activity that considers various aspects such as environmental, social and economic sustainability. GES offers a solution in helping the mining compa-nies to develop a strategic mine closure plan that integrates in each mine development phase.

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