Urban And Industrial Environmental Services

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Urban And Industrial Environmental Services

Urban area consists of residential space, governmental district, public and social services, as well as economic activities. In order to improve the quality of its society, urban development needs to be planned well in accordance to its environmental management. GES provides professional services to develop environmental planning in order to create an integrated and sustainable urban development that is harmonious with its environmental aspects.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewerage System

GES has the expertise in designing wastewater treatment plant and sewerage system. The design consists of feasibility study and detailed engineering design (DED). We provide a complete range of solutions for designing, building and managing your water and wastewater treatment facilities to the highest standards. Our team will give the best every support in choosing, designing and building your water and wastewater treatment facilities to produce the expected technical performance levels, while taking account of your investments, business model and the government legal requirements.

Water Treatment Plant and Water Distribution System

GES offers the experts in water treatment plant and water distribution system design. It consists of feasibility study, water resource research and management study, and DED of the water treatment plant and its distribution system. GES has considerable experience in planning, designing and supervising the construction of water system facilities. We use consultancy, engineering, and research to bring the most insightful approaches to water projects wherever they are in Indonesia.

Sustainable Drainage System Design

Sustainable Drainage System Design is a part of the storm water management that usually becomes the main cause of flood in big cities. GES offers its expertise in assessing, evaluating and creating detailed engineering design (DED) of a sustainable drainage system. GES are experts in the selection process of different SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage) features to optimise storage, water quality and amenity aspects whilst being sensitive to the commercial implications this can give to a development scheme. We provide a full range of services from an initial SuDS suitability assessment through to providing detailed drawings and calculations for submission to lead local flood authorities and drainage boards.

Domestic and Hazardous Waste Management

Domestic waste management consists of collecting, transporting, managing and final waste processing. These all components should be planned and designed comprehensively. GES has the expertise in designing the best solution in domestic and hazardous waste management, e.g. waste transporting plan study and domestic waste management design. Our team ensures clients receive advice that best reflects local legislation, guidance and commercial conditions, whilst also benefitting from our unique perspective on national as well as international best practice.

Air Quality Control

The evolving nature of government regulations for air quality and emissions requires companies to plan for and adhere to comprehensive monitoring, testing, emissions control, record keeping, and reporting requirements. GES offers its specialists to help solving air quality problems in the most effective and efficient way. Air quality monitoring consists of compliance monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting, ambient air quality monitoring, quality assured monitoring for air pollutants, dust and odour and real-time data analysis and reporting.